FOCUS - Mindpower in nature!

Rebound with nature and restore your mental power

Whenever stress arises, emotions are triggered and influence our performance.
Come and experience ways of transforming negative stress into positive energy!


In beautiful woodlands we practise unbounded awareness, focused attention and flexible consciousness. The ‘bigger picture’ of our natural environment shall build a bridge to our personal perspectives. Discover how to focus on the possible, changeable and manageable. Book now!


-calm busy minds and souls

-practise switching perception and shifting paradigm

-find your personal power word

-enjoy a short meditation

-stabilize thoughts, create happiness and wellbeing

-receive professional techniques for better perspectives

-reset your focus and gain motivation

Where                  Stanmer park Brighton, UK & Switzerland on request   
For                    Adults    
Duration:              2hrs.35min.
Price pp.:          £22.25 pp.                                                                        
To bring with:    Drink & snack (no alcohol!),                                                                   "Lose not yourself in a far off time,
                          outdoor clothing (weather proof),                                                              seize the moment                                                    sth. to sit on (e.g. towel or other)                                                                    that is thine."               
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Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805) 
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