NATURE THERAPY - a course to move on

99% of our life is lead by emotions and thoughts. It is said that about 50% of our actions are based on our emotions.
​​​​​​​We therefore depend very much on our mental health and wellbeing. More>>

In these sessions y
ou receive creative best practises. ecotainment and professional tools in a beautiful woodland setting. I offer an eclectic range of mindful exercises with which you can easily continue independently. The more you practise, the better and sooner you will feel the effective outcomes.

WHO IS IT FOR?  - This course is an amazing complementary treatment and therapy support for adults with e.g.
overwhelm (preventing burnout), anxiety, uncertainty, hopelessness, ptsd, adhd, toxic relationships, disbalance, power structures, loneliness, grief etc.

EXPERIENCE safe space
Nature is a universal safe space where we easily feel connected to our source of life! It is proved that entering a forest calms our breath, pulse and heartbeat within short. The concept of Nature therapy is to provide mindful, holistic and motivational support for creating an inner safe space and gaining self-empowerment. 

Aims and goals:
- easy and joyful exercises to strengthen our tactile senses 
- practise perceptions and self-reflection
- revive potentials and strengthen awareness for inner values
- transforming unwanted thoughts
- communication tips 
- setting boundaries, strengthen gut feeling
- stress management
- holistic exercises with best practise tools for dealing with trigger moments and symptoms
- connecting to nature as a safe space and create personal inner safe space
- practise HERE and NOW

Where                     Stanmer park Brighton; on request for groups in your region
For                        Individuals, but also for care assistants, NHS, managers, teamleaders, teachers,
                             practitioners and therapist who need to feel self centered again.
Duration                    2 to 3 hrs.
Price/session         in groupes:  £25 pp. (concession available)   
                             one-to-one: £45 pp. (concession available)
To bring with         Drink & snack (no alcohol!),                                                                        
                             outdoor shoes/ clothing (weather proof),                                                                      
sth. to sit on (e.g. towel)                                                                                            

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A little about 
Together with my professional education and work experience as a migration specialist and counsellor I received many trainings mental health issues, PTSD, Trauma, LGBTQA+ issues, conflict and stress management, mediation, interpersonal, intercultural and transcultural communication, diversity management etc. With more than 10 years counselling experience and dozens of nature education workshops I noticed an increasing number of persons asking me for advice, tips and tools.

This is how I came to develop courses to support self-empowerment, intuition and finding creative ways for inner peace and balance. With my complementary therapeutical sessions I hope to support people transform burdening thoughts and stressful emotions into positive and healing experiences, but also find proactive approaches. 

In Nature therapy sessions we gain distance to the digital world and speed of time. Switching off a device and indulging into a natural habitat for a certain time brings us back to our individual awareness of being, place and time. Each person has its own natural pace. Listening to your inner core and following your own pace helps finding a balance between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Combining forest setting, eco experience, tools, fun and exercises is a unique holistic sensation. Therefore, Nature therapy is a revitalizing and grounding treatment. 

Come and connect with the healing power of Mother Earth. Book now!