Hallo, Hello, Grüezi, Ciao, Hola, Salut, Marhaba!
My Name is Yvonne Aida Schmid. I grew up with 8 different cultures and many travels around the world. This is how I learnt from childhood about diversity and transcultural communication. Being regularly in different countries, meeting regularly different cultures, social groups, religions, landscapes and historical sites, I learnt to change perspectives automatically. Changing perspectives helps to remain open-minded, supports creativity, strenghtens health and ambiguity tolerance. Therefore, diversity management feels like 'Home' to me.

My Motivation history
With my workshops, counselling service and therapeutical courses, I aim to re-connect people to Mother Nature for a better balance on a personal level, in society, but also between society, planet earth and prosperity. The knowledge gained from corporate experience with organizations like IOM(UN) International Organization for Migration and aid organizations has shaped my ability in leadership, diversity management and councelling methods.14 years of professional experience in counselling people from all walks of life, many vulnerable and in desperate situations, has motivated me to find new ways of sustainable development.

Climate change, economic situations and migration movements are interconnected and all have to do with survival. I developed my own workshop concepts in order to share the basics for feeling comfortable with with the power of change. Understanding the interdependence between our resources, social issues and consumption shall support our actions regarding nature and environmental protection. Act local,think global!

Since 25 years connected to mother nature.
It all started with my work as a nature-near landscape gardner in 1997.
2004-2006 followed a study in sustainability. It was during an internship where I achieved my first insights in how we can actively influence our wellbeing through nature and its elements. On behalf of the sustainable property management  Kantensprung GmbH (Basel) I then developed a concept for a sustainable life-work balance in a 3000 m2 real estate where I used the calculation model called "Ecological-Climatic-Hygenic Calculation".
My interest in environmental education grew and I then joined the TRUZ (Trinational Environment Centre) situated at the border to France, Germany & Switzerland. Since 2004 I work as an instructor in natural habitats. Since 2014 with Naturforum RegioBasel, as a self-employed and now in the UK.

My Educational history:
Migration specialist
, Nature-/ Environmental protection and sustainable development, Nature-near Landscape gardener and Businesswoman.  Further self-studies in Diversity management and in Geomancy helped me to define the amazing interconnection between human wellbeing and nature's wellbeing! 

Nature is diverse. Diversity is natural. We are part of nature.
​​​​​​​Together we can support global health and nature conservation
​​​​​​​for the benefits of ALL.