Dealing with uncertainty is a confrontation with the unknown number of possibilities (of what might happen to us, mostly unwanted). The overwhelm can be reduced by taking control through self-empowerment. Creativity is the key skill for self motivation. A creative mindset will always help you to find innovative solutions! 

In this course we will use various techniques to practise creative consciousness.

With creativity comes time. The more eclectic skills you achieve, the better your can-do ability, networking capacity, persuasiveness and confidence. Join this workshop and rebalance your resources!

Aims and goals

discover solution-orientated tools

develop innovative approaches

enhance creativity

find comforting answers

become proactive

strengthen self-esteem

remain grounded

support stress management

re/connect to your inner values

have fun and visible achievements

artwork, craft, décor with eco-friendly mixed materials
performance, music, drawing, nature
power of words, ancient writings, symbols and patterns.

Experiencing something new is like giving your brain a vitamin boost!
Explore and unfold your potentials.
Go with the flow. ​​​​​​​

Time:                  3hrs.
Places:                Brighton (London on request)
Price                   £24 pp./ group rate upon request (concession available)
Brighton:             coming up soon
London:               for teams & therapy groups: P
lease note that you need to provide own space.

Looking forward to your participation!